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FB dermo products

Fb Dermo products cover all needs in Dermo-cosmetology. There are three full lines from cleansing to treatments and supplements, which are created with the newest production methods.


A constant search

always looking for cutting-edge techniques

Innovation and experience

for a targeted and effective Dermo-cosmetology

Our interlocutors

Are the dermatologists. Their feedback is essential to know the problems of an ever-changing sector.


All our products are supported by clinical trials performed in the most important international universities.


The first one is to treat while fully respecting the physiology of the organism, we use natural active substances.


In order to create really new and effective products, we promote interaction and synergies among different professionals.


Our sales channels

Our products are only available in pharmacies. This choice comes both from the mutual recognition of professionalism and the required security standard.

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