Norad Nair

Norad Nair

Food supplement
gluten free

NORAD NAIR is a food supplement with L-cystine – L-methionine – Pantothenic acid –  Vitamins D and B6 – Gluten free.
It is recommended to strengthen hair and nails, as sulphurous amino acids and vitamins help a correct keratinisation.
• L-cystine + L-methionine are two sulphurous amino acids which are very important for keratin construction.
• Pantothenic acid is essential for hair trophism.
• Vitamin D stimulates anagen phase
• Vitamin B6 helps to synthesise cystin
The product uptakes the main compounds of keratin by helping its development and increase.

Recommended therapy:

adults 1 pill/day for at least 2 months.


Agente di carica: Cellulosa microcristallina, gel di cellulosa; L-Cistina; Correttore di acidità: Calcio fosfato bibasico; L-Metionina; Acido pantotenico (calcio D-pantotenato); Agenti antiagglomeranti: sali di magnesio degli acidi grassi e biossido di silicio; Vitamina B6 (piridossina cloridrato); Vitamina D (colecalciferolo).


Food supplements are not intended as substitutes for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years.

Conservation mode:

Keep in cold and dry place.

60 pills